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Stockinette Stitch Drop Earrings


HandMade from recycled sterling silver. These earring started as a simple black and white drawing which progressed into an intaglio (cut below the surface - think along the lines of a wax seal) carving which was then fired and finished and ultimately used as a stamp to create these earrings. Every earring is individually hand made and as a result there will be slight variations between each earring. 

Earring Specifications:
Sterling (.950) silver - approximately 11mm in diameter.

Ear Wire Specifications:
Sterling (.925) ear wire - .027" in diameter.

Ear Wire Guard Specifications:
Soft, translucent PVC rubber. Phthalate-free.

Sealed in a tarnish proof bag, each pair of earrings come packed in an adorable reusable, hinged lid, tin. Elastic ribbon color will vary. 

Earring Return Policy:
For hygienic reasons, return requests will NOT be accepted.