The Golden Fleece

Some of you might be familiar with this image, others might not be. The reason is simple, over the past few days it has disappeared from Instagram almost as quickly as it took to post to Instagram. For those who have found the Golden Fleece, you have enjoyed the 25% discount code it hides within it's fleece. For the most of you, the search has been fruitless, and for the rest of you, the opportunity to hunt has never presented itself - but there is time!

Allow me to explain...

Each day, at an undisclosed time the Golden Fleece appears in our Instagram feed with the following description: 

"The hunt for the Golden Fleece is on again! How does it work?! Simple. We just hid a Golden Fleece coupon code somewhere in our new online store. The first person to find the code is entitled to 25% off their entire order. Items already on sale will be further discounted with the coupon code. Please note that the code is valid only for the first shopper to find *and* use it *and* expires at 11:59PM EST tonight! FYI: We will hide a new fleece each day leading up to Christmas"

Want to join the hunt? Simple. Just follow us on Instagram, maybe turn on your alerts and keep your eyes open.

December 14, 2017 by Christine Eschbach