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There is a  shop update THIS weekend and the previews are live!

Shop Update: Saturday, September 3rd
Time: 10:00 AM EDT

You know we just announced a new yarn dyeing technique, and a new sock yarn club, right? AND if you follow us on Ravelry you might have seen the announcement that the August Installment of Club is ready to ship, yes? If you did, you probably saw a teaser picture of the August Club colorway in the new Resist Dyed technique, maybe?

Want a skein?

Well, we have some to give away. Eight skeins of Pakokku Sock Yarn to be exact. No purchase is required, and entering to win is simple.

  1. Join (if you are not already a member of) our Ravelry Group
  2. Visit the “Official Resist Dyed Sock Yarn Giveaway” thread.
  3. Tell us what you would create with your skein should you win.
  4. ONE entry/post per person.
  5. No chat before drawing date.
  6. Promise that you will try really hard to use it as soon as it arrives.
  7. Share your progress and post LOTS of pictures of your new yarn.

That is it.

We will randomly select 8 lucky winners on Friday, September 2, 2016.

BIG News folks.

We are thrilled to announce the newest additions to the ITW line up…

Resist Dyed Yarn!

AND the Resist Dyed Sock Yarn Club! 

Appreciating that not every person admires (heck, we know some of you outright despise) pooling yarns, we have formulated a new technique that creates a vibrant, truly variegated fabric with color breaks of undyed yarn throughout. Knowing full well that a pictures is worth a thousand words, we will simply leave you with a gallery of some of our most popular colorways in the new technique. ENJOY!

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - Show Samples

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – Show Samples

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Walla Walla'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Walla Walla’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Meriadoc'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Meriadoc’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Ramble'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Ramble’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Captain Tightpants'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Captain Tightpants’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'The Cat's Pyjamas'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘The Cat’s Pyjamas’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Horse with No Name'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Horse with No Name’

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn - 'Rhinebeck'

Resist Dyed Sock Yarn – ‘Rhinebeck’



In addition to the July Club ‘extras’ and a few new fiber choices we have packed the shop with our newest line of “Resist Dyed” yarns in both DK and sock weight! James and I are thrilled to introduce these vibrant, playful, variegated explorations of our existing colorways.

We hope you find something you love this weekend…

Shop Update: Saturday, August 6th
Time: 10:00AM EDT


In case you missed the announcement, we wanted to remind everyone that there is a shop update this weekend – and – the previews are live. We also wanted to remind folks about the ‘Shop & Share’ 20% sale we are running through the end of the month – all the details (and the coupon code) can be found in this blog post.

One last thing, we have a batch of fiber on the drying racks that we intend to list as it dries, so please be sure to check back for new listings!

Shop Update: Saturday, June 18th
Time: 10:00AM EDT


There is a shop update NEXT weekend and the previews are live!!

Shop Update: Saturday, February 13th
Time: 10:00 AM EST



Last weekend was overwhelmingly awesome…

And we have YOU to thank for that.

Thank you to each and every person who not only braved the crowds of Building C, but outlasted the cellular and WiFi outage that seemed to wreak havoc across the fairgrounds on Saturday morning.

James and I both know you have a lot of choices when it comes to where to shop for yarn and fiber and it means the world to us that you choose to support our crazy little company. Thank you so much for all of your support, enthusiasm and encouragement. Discussions on how we can make the 2016 NYSW Festival even better have already begun!

For those of you who were not able to join us on the fairgrounds last weekend, rest assured we have something planned for y’all. There is a shop update scheduled for Saturday, November 7th at 10:00AM EST.

In case you missed our Instagram or Facebook stream, we put together a collection of images; both leading up to, and including the final booth construction at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY…


The view from the carding station. A very special view indeed – more to come on that…


‘Eating Grapes off the Wallpaper’


Totes and totes of drumcarded batts


Successful round of trailer-tetris


Samples of our new ‘Handpainted’ line of yarn


Samples of our new ‘Kettle Dyed’ yarn


Samples of our new Kettle Dyed ‘Semi-Solid’ yarn


Looking in on the yarn side of the ITW booth


Looking in on the fiber side of the ITW booth




Up close and personal with the ‘Kettle Dyed’ yarn and samples


A few skeins of ‘Handpainted’ yarn


‘Kettle Dyed’ yarn before the morning rush


Another rack of ‘Kettle Dyed’ yarn before the morning rush


Sweater quantities in ALL the colorways!


A glimpse of the fiber selection available at the 2015 festival


One more view of the spinning fiber selection

With the New York Sheep & Wool Festival just weeks away we wanted to share some details on the yarns we will be featuring at this year’s festival. With three styles of dye application (in addition to our collection of semi-solids) being offered, we thought it best to share lots of pictures to demonstrate how each technique presents in the skein and ultimately knits up! Featured below is ‘The Cat’s Pyjamas’ colorway.

The first dye application showcased is what most of our customers are familiar with. In the past we have simply referred to it as hand dyed yarn but with the introduction of new dye applications we will be referring to this technique as ‘Palindrome Paints’ in all future communications. The dye is applied across the skein and results in a palindrome pattern, thus the name. Sock knitters often, but not always, encounter a spiral pooling pattern when casting on 64 stitches on a US size 1 needle. The sample show below was knit from Laura’s (of The Knit Girllls fame) Afterthought Heel Sock pattern, a free pattern that can be found on Ravelry along with a spectacular tutorial on knitting an afterthought heel.

The next application is a new introduction to the ITW line-up and is simply being named ‘Handpainted’ and it is exactly what it sounds like. Our ‘Handpainted’ line is a direct result of you, our fabulous customer, requesting a yarn with extended runs of color. The dye is applied across the skein in even intervals that results in longer stretches of intense color saturation. The sample sock shown below illustrates that when knit to the same specifications of our ‘Palindrome Paints’ sample, it behaves in a very similar fashion, with one distinct difference; the colors appear to stack rather than pool in a spiral pattern.

Last but certainly not least is the introduction of our new ‘Kettle Dyed’ yarn. Breaking free from the restrictions of handpaints, when knit up, this new technique results in a fabric with little to no pooling. This new-to-ITW technique captures the full spectrum of possible color blends in each and every colorway. We are super excited about the limitless possibilities of this technique brings to the ITW lineup!

Words aside, we promised pictures! All of the images below showcase the aforementioned techniques in the same line up: Palindrome Paints, Handpainted, and Kettle Dyed. Aside from the first mosaic, all the images can be opened and expanded for better viewing. Enjoy!

Palindrome Paints - Handpainted - Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints – Handpainted – Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints - Handpainted - Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints – Handpainted – Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints - Handpainted - Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints – Handpainted – Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints - Handpainted - Kettle Dyed

Palindrome Paints – Handpainted – Kettle Dyed